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Zany Art firmly believes that as consumers, we have a responsibility to challenge excessive industrial production by supporting artisanal hand-made products. Our cause and products both align with this belief.


Jewelry and Fashion

The fun products to put us on the map, we design our fruit and vegetable creation at home. We work hard  to use locally source supplies, and material. We use eco-poxy, an environmentally friendly resin, and use compassable and up cycled packaging for shipping.

Art and Education

As an artist, I don't limit myself to one style or topic. I currently have been focused on exploring and celebrating the human body. I use my platform to educate and normalize sex education. LGBTQ+ youth  are highly under educated, and I work to fill this gap. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to join into monthly body and sex talks.

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Artist and Founder

I am the sole creator and artist behind Zany Art. I opened this company when I first left for college, as I realized the need for sustainable and inspiring art and fashion. 

I am studying International Affairs and Political Science with the intent to go to law school in the future. My art reflects my want to create a better world for future generations. 

Over the years I have always built giving back into my business model, and given 10% of my profits to various funds I believe in, or have worked with. 

Currently 10% of profits go to Sanctuary 4 All, an organization based out of Denver, CO which provides economic relief for immigrants who are not receiving stimulus checks.

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