Full of 14 different handpainted nude protraits, this playing  card  deck is sure to spice  up your games in quaratine. 


All models in this series  have given thier consent, and took part in this Body acceptence  project to help us all  see our bodies as art. More than a deck of cards, this is a collection of positive, flawed, zany, and beautiful people. 


Full deck with 52 cards (and Joker Cards). The deck comes in  a reusable white tin  to keep your new collection safe. 



10% of Profits go to the Bail Fund Project 



Nude Playing Cards

  • Cards will  ship out within 2 days - 2 weeks of  order. I try to ship them out right away, but sometimes card orders are mixed in with earrings which take a longer time. Thank you for your patience :)