🔥Perfect Pepper Earrings for  the spiciest person, even if that person if you!! ðŸ”¥ All peppers  have seeds  which cause earrings to make noise. Please  be aware your earrings will be musical :) 

 Please choose between these sizes: 

Small- 3 inches long

Medium- 3.5 inches 

Large- 4 inches 



ORDER INFORMATION: The earrings are not made yet. Pre-order as an artist helps me not over  make earrings so  I am limiting my waste. Pre-order earrings will be made and shipped out between  2-4 weeks (sometimes sooner). 

Thank you for your  LOVE and SUPPORT!! Many kisses to you and your forehead. 


☀️All earrings are handmade in our kitchen with friends, love, and the goal of reusing what we find around the house. These earrings were made from REAL peppers, and they should not be worn while swimming or taking showers. You may find imperfections in the fruit or inside the resin coating such as tiny air bubbles or seeds. Additionally, the size of each slice may vary slightly as well since they are all hand sliced! The shade of the earrings will also fade over time due to sun exposure, oxidation and nature running its course.☀️

***Earrings are NOT edible. Please don't try! I reccomend making Tanghulu***


Be Zany, Be Zesty, BE YOU!


Spicy Pepper Earrings 🌶

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    International shipping available 

    Shipping will take 2-4 weeks because earrings are made to order. Thank you so much for your patience and support. 

    Shipping materials are all compostable  except for the shipping box label. We're happy to practice sustainable business practices! â™»ï¸